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Kirtan Concert, new workshops

March through May 2013

June 5-20, Sacred Sites and Sounds Journey to Hawaii

Chakra Yoga: Seven Chakras Seven Weeks – 7 week course Thursdays 4th April – 9th May

Easter Yoga Festival Three Workshops:

Yoga for Men in the Age of the Divine Feminine  – All  Welcome!

Yoga for Women in the Age of the Divine Feminine  – All  Welcome!

Naad Yoga Sacred Voice –  Antion’s popular class on Sacred Sound

Kirtan ConcertSacred Kirtan from a 500 year Mystical Tradition

Friday 29th 7pm  Antion  in concert with accompanying top musicians

On-going Living Love Kundalini Yoga Tues 6.30pm, till 14th May – boost your health and joy through body Love in action!

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Yoga for Men/Women in the Age of the DivineFeminine 

We are living in the time of the Divine Feminine.  This special energy and archetype is returning to Earth in all Her magnificence.  As Men of awareness, how do we adjust our lives to this infusion of Shakti, the Sacred Female Power?  What do we need to do in our everyday lives to prepare ourselves not only accept and make use of this energy but to thrive, expand and become empowered by it?

This class will not only discuss the expanded new role of Men in this exciting time but provides specific yoga techniques and meditations for absorbing this energy into mind/body/spirit and applying it to everyday life and relationships.

Sacred Kirtan from a 500 year Mystical Tradition

This concert is a rare opportunity to experience a hitherto secret tradition of meditative, ecstatic union through sacred sound. The Sanskrit-based words and language together with their dynamic soul stirring melodies were created to engender spiritual evolution and reunion with our Divine Selves, and with the Supreme Creator.

The compositions include Arabic and Persian poems from Sufi, Islamic and Hindu saints such as Kabir. The melodies are in the tradition of Shastriya Sangeet (Indian Classical Music) using Ragas, a system of musical modes and scales designed for specific times of day and to evoke different emotions.

A musician who masters this art is called a Ragi. Antion is joined by two other leading NZ Ragis; their soaring voices and instruments are accompanied by the intricate and dynamic tabla rhythms. The deeper meanings of the sounds, words, songs and stories – derived from a tradition of courage, devotion and sacrifice – are translated and interpreted by Antion.   For easy understanding and for sing along, the words and meanings of all the compositions are projected transcribed onto a screen.

About Antion Vikram Singh Meredith

Antion, originally known as Vic Briggs, was a touring 60s rock star when his soul’s longing called him to turn to yoga and delve deep into the sacred teachings of Nada Brahma – the Yoga of Sound.  His  interest in Mantra and Shastriya Sangeet (Indian Classical music), led him to mastery of this hitherto secret tradition, and in 1979, he broke tradition by becoming  the first non-Indian to sing in the  Golden Temple, the most sacred shrine of the Sikhs in Amritsar, India.

Known as Vikram Singh, (‘invincible lion of courage’) Antion became adept at both singing and interpreting Gurbani Kirtan, the sacred music originated by the miracle-manifesting Guru Nanak. As a recognized  authority and spiritual teacher Antion travelled  all over the world to teach and sing about  Naad Yoga, (yoga of sound) Naam (the frequency of the Divine), Simran (repetition of the Divine Name),  and Shabad (the Divine Word that manifests as Gurbani as well as the spiritual force that is Guru).

Later Antion studied Hawaiian mele (song, music) and oli (sacred chant) bringing him to an even deeper understanding of how the voice can create the power of Aloha (on-going, living love).  As  an expert in  two sacred traditions,  his life, sessions, concerts, workshops and CDs  are  about sharing the use of sound and voice to become one with  the Divine, in the context of  the essential message of both cultures, to engender the core oneness of all people and denominations, along with the respect and  equality of  women, and the  healing, helping and feeding people with love.

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