Dear yoga friends, we love hearing how yoga is supporting you and even creating miracles in your life! Here is one story from Lauren:
How a miracle happened as a result of practicing the meditation we learned in Kundalini Yoga!
“I was rushing for the bus and I dropped my iPhone!  I felt so stressed out about it – it would cost a few hundred dollars to replace it, I would no longer have access to my photos, the internet from my phone, etc. Then I started thinking well maybe I’m better off without my phone – it’s just a thing and I shouldn’t be attached to it. I decided to let it go and I used the meditation we had just learned, with thumb to each finger, to help me detach. I started realizing how I get so worried about small things and it made me appreciate more of what I do have.
The next day, I decided to take a later bus. I talked to a girl who was waiting and she said she found my phone on the curb and turned it in to the Orewa police station! What are the chances someone would find my phone on the curb, that it wasn’t run over by cars and that they would be honest enough to turn it in?! I hugged her. I was just really happy about that.
Somehow when I let go of any expectations, it just came back to me. Doing the meditation really  helps me realize not to get too attached to material things. I even blessed my phone with love when I thought it was gone and started the process of letting go, and so the universe created its way of getting it back to me. That’s a miracle, and wow, the learnings were miracles too!” – Lauren Orlina
We continue on Tuesday with special focus on Sacred Voice Healing Sound Meditations
 for personal & planetary evolution & transformation.
See you there!
Love, blessings and hugs,