Tao Garden Thailand and Chiang Mai and Mantak Chia, and Angela Longo, all are most amazing.
We, Antion Vikram Singh Meredith and I will be there through November – January 2014. The Tao Garden is an  incredible place to present our mind- blowing ‘head to heart’ authentic transformational music, chant and loving workshops. Join us for our secrets of conscious lasting relationships, tantric yoga and chant, ageless living, miracle healing…
We are firming up the details soon, with Angela Longo, and DrTom Get Your Body Back with Tom Yarema Sumer Joy Yarema, all old aloha friends, all supporting each other in our transformational work!
So save your money, friends, get ready for the time of your life, join us! We will lead a Sacred Sites and Sounds journey, including helping you to the best medical tourism, Chiang Mai is fantastic for superb dentistry one tenth price of anywhere else. Watch www.healthhealing.org for the latest news, as well as Tao Garden websites, all info to come.
Read my book ‘From Stardom to Wisdom’ and gorgeous ones, stay in touch with WOW! Walking Our Wisdom and WOW! Women of Wisdom workshops to come soon in Kawai Purapura New Zealand. We are all ONE in Aloha, supporting each other, connected through NZ, Hawaii and Chiang Mai.

In Joy,