These are the amazing times I have prepared for. It’s been 40 years since my spiritual awakening. I was a movie star in London when Ram Das of “Be Here Now” encouraged me to leave it all to be a spiritual star instead… to marry my yoga teacher and follow his example rejecting the rock star celebrity world of the rich and famous to live a yogic lifestyle.

The challenges of fear, shyness and disempowerment and my journey full of extraordinary experiences of miracles of healing and Hawaiian shamanism has brought me the blessing of living my destiny. My passion and service on this planet as a visionary  is about sharing and teaching what creates miracles of consciousness, healing, Love and joy, and gathering to celebrate through music, chanting and singing. (Click on “more about Antion and Elandra” for pictures.)

There’s a reason that my favorite quote is Einstein’s  “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift”. We as a culture are on the way to seeing the bigger picture: the great shift towards valuing “the sacred gift”. Imagine actually prioritizing feminine values in our world… Valuing intuition as the highest form of knowledge…The sacred gift is to really get this as a culture, that seeing ourselves and the world as sacred would change everything!  Embodying this is what the WOW gatherings and Sacred Sound Celebrations are about.

Our population just hit 7 billion, something that has never happened before on this planet. We have an extraordinary opportunity to evolve into a more kind and caring balanced version of humanity, individually and collectively. The key is in waking up to WE: in co-creation WE can do anything. Occupy Sacred,  Earth, Nature, Body, Love, Within. This is Living Love Kundalini Yoga.

Along with many brave “cultural creatives” we, Antion and I have weathered  derision and opposition (eg.“not normal,  crazy, lying, weird,  tree hugging, touchy-feely, incense-lighting, out of touch with reality” etc.).  Yet it’s a blessing to hone ourselves thus: diamonds are created through great pressure. To end up Knowing that the true reality is in the fulfillment and happiness that comes from authentic sacralising experience while living your destiny.

With great joy we offer you our tried and true, rich and deep   resources sourced from 40 years of yogic, shamanic, and Taoist lifestyles – for your benefit and self-sovereignty.

Whenever possible we respond to invitations to teach, sing, chant and perform, (most recently Seattle, Maui, and Thailand) and presently at our favourite sacred space in New Zealand, the beautiful Holistic Living & Yoga Retreat Center called  Kawaipurapura.

Aloha Blessings on your journey,

I love you!