4 workshops 29th December  to 2nd January 2012

Living Love Kundalini Yoga: Experiencing the Sacred Union Within

Is a healing and empowering practice that opens you to your own loving consciousness by awakening the Divine Feminine (Kundalini) within. We use powerful asanas, pranayama, chant, mantra and mudra, Antion’s live guitar, Kirtan and sacred song to bring you into celebrating your own ecstatic consciousness.

Living Love Kundalini Yoga is co-created with sacred musician chanter Antion. Married 40 years, together they are healers, yogis, and spiritual teachers, with four decades of experience in the Healing field as international leaders of Sound Healing, Chanting, Yoga, and Healing Retreats. They were directors of the San Diego California Kundalini Yoga Centre/ Ashram from 1977 to 1991, followed by 17 years in Hawaii incorporating healing shamanism, ancient wisdom and the power of Aloha into their presentations.

Our commitment to our own 40 year partnership and love for the Divine within ourselves and each other supports you to manifest your own direct connection and relationship to Source. As one participant expressed it: “You both radiate so much love, joy & light – which is why so many people are drawn to be in your presence…”. When in NZ we teach at Kawaipurapura Holistic Living & Yoga Retreat Center in Albany, Auckland.

Elandra was a 20 year yoga teacher who after experiencing an instant miracle healing (of her broken ankle proven by x-rays) became a healer and began receiving invitations to teach miracle healing worldwide. She created her own modality Lomi Chi Holographic Healing and teaches consciousness and miracle healing online. www.healthhealing.org

Elandra’s experience (40 years Yoga teaching plus 25 years international professional experience in five healing Centres) has trained her to be compassionately responsive to the needs of her students and clients, inspiring them to prioritise Living Love as the key to enlightened living in these tumultuous transformational times.

Antion Vikram Singh Meredith

Antion, born in London, is a ‘60s rock star, sound healer, multicultural musician, world-class guitarist, singer, recording artist, Hawaiian chanter, master of sacred Sikh Kirtan, and international teacher of Naad Yoga, Sacred Voice and Vocal Empowerment.

Antion and Elandra Meredith are healers, yogis, and spiritual teachers, with forty years’ experience in the Healing field as international leaders of Sound Healing, Chanting, Yoga, and Healing Retreats.

Naad Yoga Sacred Voice: Spiritual Empowerment through the Yoga of Divine Sound
Naad Yoga Sacred Voice gives you a powerful experience of the elevating joy of chanting Naam, the Sacred Names of the Divine.

We will learn how to make this practice a part of our everyday lives and use it to empower our total being.

Antion’s multicultural mastery and practice of Sacred Voice, Kirtan and Hawaiian chant has given him a unique perspective to support you in nurturing and developing Sacred Voice within.

Two participatory workshops. Workshop marquee.