“From Stardom to Wisdom: Healing and Love Beyond the Spotlight”-

Elandra, international healing practitioner and Lomi Chi training professional, talks about her new book on miracle healing consciousness – “From Stardom to Wisdom: Healing and Love Beyond the Spotlight” with Tracey of Kaua’i Vibrations on KKCR radio http://www.kkcr.org/index.html   at 2pm – 2.25pm, Wed 5 Nov, Hawaiian time.
Elandra says: My book is part-memoir and  tells the true story of my amazing life from movie-star-model-actress to miracle-healer-teacher. It invites you to see your own life as a “hero’s journey” where no matter what happens you end up getting the benefits and rewards out of the challenges of your life. Perceiving in this way gives you a power  I call “Holographic Perception” (Holo-Perception).

It’s self published on amazon and getting great reviews, and my favorite 5-star review is: ‘Reads like a novel but has the authority of Holy Scripture’.

I love to empower people to experience that healing miracles are accessible for all, so if one can do it – so can you! In front of my eyes during thousands of sessions internationally miracles of healing and manifestation take place. Broken bones healed, knitted back together proven by x-rays. Cancer in remission after one session. No more depression, irritable bowel syndrome, etc so much more,  gone. Only it’s not me doing it! I’m the catalyst for YOUR self-healing and miracle-making manifesting! I’m supporting students, clients and readers to acknowledge that they themselves are the creators.

And I’m living proof that you can change, heal and manifest anything you want in EVERY area of your life – through a shift in CONSCIOUSNESS!  For the past 40 years, I’ve been helping thousands create all kinds of miracles in their lives. After my smashed ankle was healed overnight proven by x-rays I was invited to train in a miracle healing clinic where people would transform, walk out without their ailments ready to begin a whole new life! Louise Hay, the world renowned healer and author, was a patient of mine. Even back then over 20 years ago she was saying, ‘Elandra’s work is powerful’.

As a healer, yogi, teacher, author, minister, researcher and consciousness catalyst for over 40 years, I have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into learning and LIVING a wise and disciplined lifestyle EMBODYING over 30 healing modalities while practicing in five healing centers. In fact, for over 40 years I have prioritized 100% of my life’s time, focus and energy in the cause of awakening and liberating miracle-making-consciousness in humanity, through writing, sessions and transformational trainings worldwide.

I love sharing about the wonders of consciousness, thanks for listening! Aloha love and blessings!”

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