We, Antion and I are back at Kawaipurapura on Tuesdays at 6pm to 7.30pm and look forward to our further transformation together!
This Tuesday Antion will not be there, so I will be leading yoga, presenting a powerful meditation, and a gong meditation.  Antion is in Seattle until 22nd, supporting our daughter (who lost her beloved husband to cancer), and on 14th  he and our two daughters celebrated their triple valentines birthday together.
We never know what might happen in yoga class.  One of last week’s participants says: “Elandra, I just have to share with you that something incredible happened in the class. Even though I couldn’t do all the physical exercises I still could do them in my mind… which was very powerful. Within me for many years was a stubborn stagnation, and finally in the class it was somehow opened up, and the stuckness freed, so I could feel new energy  circulating. Next day I felt very different and then, wow, I really noticed it as I was chanting, my voice after feeling squeezed for so long, was so very full, long, strong and clear!”   
Look forward to seeing you soon, bring friends! Love you!
PS  Voices of Sacred Earth festival – this weekend – see the full schedule on website
Saturday 9am  WOW! Walking Our Wisdom with Elandra
Sunday 2.30pm  Sacred Voice with Antion  
We lead the closing