Lomi Chi Abdominal Self-Massage Guidelines
For ongoing radiant life, healing of physical and emotional symptoms at their origins, detoxing, grounding and restoration of energy flow and intuition.

Getting in touch with, and staying in listening touch with your body daily is the key. Practice with a partner whenever you can. Gift yourself with at least 5 minutes daily!
1. Lie comfortably with knees up, leaning against each other, or pillow under knees

2. Connect lovingly with your breath, allowing belly to fill first, then chest, then out of chest, out of belly, and continue this conscious breathing.

3. Open to the wondering, what does my belly and navel wish to tell me?

4. Using massage oil, (or lotion, cornstarch or talcum powder), place a hand on top of your navel and start to circle it around your navel from right to left, clockwise. Continue out in a spiral, and then retrace the spiral back in.

5. Press in and down with both hands deeply, feeling whats there notice if there is tightness, hardness, discomfort or pain, knowing that these are signs of needing more Gently and firmly stay with them, embracing any fear by welcoming it, allowing it to become a doorway into more consciousness.

6. Using the fingers of both hands, feel into your navel. This is a strange feeling, perhaps not comfortable. Nonetheless massage inside it. It is a remarkable reflexology zone Feel the quality and thickness of your skin in and around it.

7. Bring your hands to your left side under the ribcage, press in and pull down towards your navel, loosening the tissues that have cramped under the ribcage, and the large intestine at the splenic flexure. Do the same on the right, at the hepatic flexure.

8. This time pulling upwards: on your left first, reach deep under and inside pelvic bone, and pull up towards your navel. Follow with your right side.

9. Massage as feels good. There is no wrong way when you are listening and being with your fingers have eyes and ears to lead the way!

10. Finish with laying your hands with honoring and gratitude on your belly. Feel heat in your hands going where needed.