Elandra's Post Session Notes
For Your Ongoing Support with Aloha Blessings, Light, Love & Peace

Your presenting physical symptoms are always, always!
a crying out for attention from some part of your body or being THAT WANTS TO BE LISTENED TO, HONORED, LOVED, HEARD by you.

When you focus on and treat the symptoms (even in natural healing ways) it can be a panacea: good for temporary relief only, with the possibility that the problem may well show up again, or turn up differently. Your soul inner being calls for you to open to and seek the original cause at the level of its cause.

In truth, all healing calls for self healing. And what is healing? Healing is irrational. Because it requires forgiveness. And you cannot DO forgiveness. It happens. When you are ready.

Having this physical challenge does not make you wrong, bad, a failure. You are waking up! You have an opportunity offered, see it as a gift. Keep saying out loud, IN THE NOW ALL IS POSSIBLE NO MATTER HOW IT APPEARS, IT IS NEVER TOO LATE, CHANGE IS INSTANT, MIRACLES ARE NORMAL I AM ALWAYS LOVED, PROTECTED SUPPORTED. I AM NEVER ALONE.


Stop! Ignore the -TV, Internet, newspaper, radio, - bad news!
LET GO! Yes, I-G-N-O-R-E! Say only: I bless it all. I can be the change I wish to see in the world. I am the change I wish to see, now.

Commit now to LISTEN to yourself. Take time, as many times as possible. The only time you have is the time you take! Hear your body part speak to you, and BE AND DO as it says.

Give yourself empathy, what are my feelings, what are my needs?
No matter how much it feels and looks like you are a victim, this is a belief which may be up to be released now.

Feel and speak out loud your FEELINGS, to yourself, just as we did in the session, while holding Chakra Five Throat Voice Truth communication point, located where the collarbones meet. The key is to feel, welcome and embrace all. In so doing, it becomes a doorway.

Use Meridian Tapping Flip Switch (for fears, pain, depression etc.) by tapping under eyes, under arm and under collarbones, as shown (Thoughtfield Therapy).
Also use for addictive urges. Works instantly, supports BEING in the present, and clearing emotional memory charges.

Eagerly commit to taking full responsibility for yourself, your needs, your feelings. Find and own your feelings. Your KULEANA is for you alone

Receive help to release what you are carrying in your body of over- responsibility to save or fix others, especially family members, through lineage, contracts and all others. Record your journey in writing or recorder.


• Alkalinize and oxygenize your blood through a detoxification regime and deep breathing
• Recognize energy leakage from sugar, alcohol, smoking, caffeine, allergies, addictions & stress (based in fear & separation feelings & beliefs)
• Replenish energy with green drinks, juices, vegetables, fruits, protein powder, spirulina, kelp, good water & sea salt etc for calcium-magnesium & minerals balance as appropriate.
• Work with a good Naturopath for hormonal balancing and necessary nutritional supplements.
• MOVE! Move your body, walk, dance, trampoline, yoga, run, swim, Chi Gung etc.
• Set up some CONSISTENT SUPPORT for yourself. Join a group. Ask for help and receive help.