Lomi Chi Holographic Healing
Elandra’s Pre-session Guidelines and Q&A

What is it and how was it developed?
Why is it needed?
What might I experience?
How does it work?
What is the purpose and goal?
Is it for me?
How do I prepare?
What about afterwards?
What is the cost?

What is it and how was it developed?

Lomi Chi Holographic Healing was developed by Elandra in the course of thirty- five years of Healing Arts study and multimodality professional practice in five Healing Centers, and thirteen years of living in Hawaii practicing the healing teachings.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi means “navigating the path to the stars”. The session takes you on a journey of consciousness to recognition of the origins of your stresses and dysfunctions, and their resulting “welcoming” and possible instant and total healing. Chi refers to the flow of energy both in and out of the body. The session, rather than just a “lay back and feel good” experience, invites your deep involvement into an inner journey, into your subconscious, your Ku.
The scientific work of Dr. Bruce Lipton, and Dr. Candace Pert, molecular biologists, confirm what the Hawaiian wisdom always knew, that your body is your subconscious, and that 95% of your life is lived from your subconscious. Therefore the intention of the session is to discover, own, and reprogram the subconscious into consciously chosen beliefs. Yet we don’t have to figure out -by thinking- how to do this. The Hawaiian indigenous understanding that all things are connected through the “Aka fibers” is now validated through science. Dr. Henry Margenau, Yale University Professor Emeritus of Physics and Natural Philosophy for nearly a half century says, “The universal mind has no need for memory, since all things and processes-past, present, and future-are open to its grasp.” As we open to allowing input from the “Universal Mind” or “Holographic Mind” it happens. This understanding is held in the music and chant of Hawaii, specifically in Antion’s Sound Healing CD “One in the Goddess” which holds the frequency Field for holo-perceptual, holographic healing and evolution.

We are reforming the somatic, emotional, psychological, and spiritual levels of the Field, chakras, meridians, organs, cells and DNA. The full original functions of your organs, especially Liver (feeling truth of feelings) and Spleen (recovering immune system, boundaries, empathy), are activated to subsequently hold and continue the work for you. The session includes training in techniques to maintain the empowerment.

Why is it needed?

Our Western civilization’s healing model of allopathic medicine as health maintenance is a failure and a farce. Recent reports confirm that drugs and surgery are now the leading cause (not third or second cause!) of death in USA. Our populace is drugged by pharmaceuticals, advertising, TV violence and addictive craving for more and more.

We have been taken in by a lethal hoax upon this planet: that the authority of brain/head/rational mind, is superior to and more valuable than Heart, body, instinct, gut intuition, subconscious. This biased conditioning perpetuated by society, education, and religion has caused mistrust, duality, separation, judgment and inner warring in the psyche of humanity. This is one of the original causes of all physical ailments.

We need to recover our inner trust and inner authority. I believe the ancients left within the oral traditions encoded messages with specific application for our present times, which are indispensable for the planet’s survival at this time. Aloha also means “to face into” what is needed.
The Hawaiian teachings impart and transmit a way to live authentically with pono (balance/harmony), in ohana (aloha family), in the aina (valued sacred spirit of the land), in land imbued with the kaona (deeper levels) and frequency of healing Aloha. Aloha means “the joyful sharing of life energy in the present”, experiencing and sharing it freely without leaving anything out, or anybody behind. The frequency of Aloha is the secret of the inner experience and teachings of Hawaii (means home) which call to be spread far and wide for healing our planet.
Lomi Chi Holographic Healing was developed in answer to the needs of the times, as a retraining of consciousness into valuing and honoring body, subconscious, and Spirit equally, and as a way to reveal and heal the original origins of your symptomology.

As a client, what might I experience?

Feeling more “at home” in your body, closer to your true self. A new consciousness of your body and its messages. A restructured consciousness of inner self authority and trust. A new inner knowing. A loving of your own body. A sense of a new lease on life, a new understanding, a lightening, deep peace, sense of inner knowing, of being in the right place at the right time. Release, relief, sense of new horizons, destiny, inner empowerment. Tears, tingling, rushes of warm energy. Sometimes your physical problems instantly, -and most significantly, - permanently healed.

How does LCHH work?

The body has its own self healing system. It knows how to hold you in balance, how to heal you. It knows. We want to uncover its Knowing. Thus we prune off, like in pruning a tree, that which thinks and believes it does not know. The tree knows how it wants to be pruned. When the gardener is “tuned in” the tree directs the gardener from within. In the same way, your body knows how it needs pruning, and directs the healer from within. Thus we wield the pruning shears together, exquisitely skillfully, artfully, releasing the specific beliefs that no longer serve you. As the organs are cleared, (through oki) they know how to install new energies and beliefs that do! Thus the real you is being uncovered, the real you that has been hidden by what you took on from or for others in the course of society’s conditioning and beliefs.

Every session is different and guided by your psyche according to your specific needs. Healing can be said to take place through neural mirroring, imaging, and resonance, psychic surgery, soul retrieval, and soul destiny retrieval. It can also be taken on and completed in the body of the practitioner and then transferred back to you. Sometimes healing is instant, sometimes it takes time.

What is the purpose and goal?

To honor your own. Therefore do write out your intention for your session, and bring it with you, and keep it close to you for several weeks. To understand that in the honoring and welcoming of that which is, the presenting symptomology is healed at its origins. Welcoming means actively, proactively accepting and receiving what is... It is not easy to “welcome” pain, illness, discomfort, dying, and fear. To give time to listen to the messages from your body...We are talking of a paradigm shift that involves a lot of letting go, unlearning, support, training, and retraining!

While one of our intentions is to have you walk out without your cancer, fear, pain, stress, back or neck pain or whatever ails you, it is also to help evolve Humanity into collective and personal Holographic Knowing and Responsibility to your highest Destiny. This means to strengthen your inner self trust, inner authority, and inner support.

It is through the Held Field of Welcoming Acceptance that the cells can take the leap into the unknown. As we quit struggling and receive deeply our inner pain, we metamorphose from caterpillar and chrysalis to a life form that can fly! Then the realities/paradigms start to give way to one another. This is called “changing state space”, a resurrection into the new. Then you are Home, and in the presence of “at homeness” in your body, pono balance and harmony is reestablished.

Is it for me?

It is for you if you have any physical challenges, areas in your life you would like to have work better, in health or relationship. It is for you if you want more energy, focus and success in your life. It is for you if you feel that a state of forgiveness for yourself and others, Ho’oponopono, is needed. It is for you if you feel like you are carrying too much responsibility for saving others and the world. In this case, your internalized parental lineage and beliefs are calling for release, in order to make space for your own Kuleana, life path and energy.

How do I prepare for a session, and how does it take place?

It is preferable to come to a session in a state of mental openness and willingness to change. Ha’aha’a, Humility, means willingness to let go, to change, to allow the outcome to be different from expectation, and is valued in Hawaii as a healing prerequisite. It a state of mind that includes the input of all parts of the consciousness, especially the subconscious, the Ku.

It is preferable to be well hydrated, to have an empty stomach, and be free from all scents and oils on your skin and clothes.

It is preferable to have no stimulants, caffeine or sugar in your system.

It is recommended to remain quiet, relaxed and meditative as long as possible both before and afterwards.

You will be lying on your back on a partly oiled massage table, unclothed and fully draped, with bolster under knees. Feet, neck and abdomen are given special attention. You will receive abdominal Chi work, which is a reclaiming of energy at the piko, the center of your being where all physical systems and energy channels cross pathways.

What about afterwards?

It is recommended to be prepared to rest for several hours afterwards to integrate the work. You may feel highly energized or possibly even deeply exhausted afterwards. Try not to take stimulants, but allow the true state of your body to be experienced, welcomed and honored.

Resolve to commit to the follow-up guidelines given, such as specific meditations, sadhana, diet or cleanse, which serve as empowerment to continue the work on your self.

What is the cost?

Your appointment is 1/1/2 –1/3/4 hours long.
Investment is generally $145
with subsequent sessions being $135 or “Whatever feels right for you.”*

*“Whatever feels right for you” is a statement suggesting it could be less according to your pocketbook, or more according to your sense of results. In the Hawaiian Indigenous way, there is a choice of exchange that is up to your own trusted sensing.

We give Mahalo, thanks, acknowledgement and gratitude, for the Aumakua, and all teachers who have gone before, and to you for your committed work on healing and evolving yourself.

Please note that the healing modality described above is focused on supporting your responsibility and education for your own choices for healing and health maintenance. It is not claiming to replace the paradigm of medical diagnosis and treatment.

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Elandra K. Meredith, CMT, LMT, BA: healer, medical intuitive, author, minister, yogi, spiritual consultant, has over twenty five years experience as professional multimodality practitioner in five Healing Centers, and is founder and international trainer of Lomi Chi Holographic Healing, Holographic Fifth Chakra Healing, Yoga and Goddess Embodies Retreats.

About Elandra & Antion Meredith: healers, spiritual teachers, ministers, counselors, and yogis, with thirty-five years (married) experience as professional international leaders of Healing Trainings, Sound Healing, Chanting, Yoga and Spiritual Retreats.

Antion, rock star, world-class cross-cultural musician, guitarist, singer, recording artist, Sound Healer, Naad/Japaa/Mantra Yogi, Hawaiian Chanter, Ragi Sikh sacred Gurbani Kirtan, is international teacher of Sound Healing and co-founder of Holographic Fifth Chakra Healing.

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