Aloha Healing: the Magical Power of Hawaii

"The world will turn to Hawaii as they search for world peace because Hawaii has the key…and that key is Aloha!" Pilahi Paki, Kahuna, Hawaiian Wisdom keeper

Why are people throughout the world enchanted by and fascinated with Hawaii and the concept of Aloha? The word Aloha has many meanings including affection, love, compassion, mercy, hello and goodbye. The feeling of Aloha, however, manifests as a delicious state of consciousness, of loving acceptance that allows no person or part to be left out.

Hawaii means "home;" the very word is a calling home. We are drawn inexorably as if by the Pied Piper, following the call -- by the air, elements, rain, ocean and mountains -- to the magic land, to names resonating sacredness, beauty and mystery. . .called by the music, the chant, nature, the aromas of aina (land held sacred), the heavenly fragrances. . .all calling out "Come, give up everything, just get here!" And before you know it (never having made either a conscious or rational or wise plan to move there) there you are, living in Hawaii, immersed in the sacred sounds of the chants, the drumming and dancing.

Two years before this happened to me, I had stood astounded in a medical clinic in San Diego, comparing two sets of X-rays. The one just taken showed my right ankle repaired, bones replaced, glued back where they belonged, knitted back fully healed. The other X-ray, taken twenty four hours earlier, showed my ankle diagnosed as badly shattered and needing an immediate operation to insert numerous metal pins.

Nobody spoke. We were looking at proof of a miracle, of the impossible. Real scientific proof. The medical doctor saw both sets of X-rays. He acknowledged that there was no need for the costly operation which he had prescribed the day before, without which I would be "badly deformed for the rest of my life." He left the room without another word, as if I had became invisible; nor was there any word of goodbye from nurse or receptionist.

I had to tell my story. . .how I had experienced an instant miracle healing, how I had felt a hand on my foot when there was nobody in the room, how a healer had come to my house. I tried to tell my story, but no one wanted to know. I told friends: their eyes glazed over and they changed the subject. Some accused me of lying.

But I did not need proof. I felt I was living proof that this world has several dimensions and paradigms of reality depending on belief. I had just experienced up close the dichotomy of two worlds! The current outdated medical paradigm of classical, mechanical Newtonian worldview being, "Your body is a machine. We are the experts who will fix or replace the parts of the machine breaking down. You have no power, no authority, nothing to say or do of value about your body's health and healing, and we have no interest."

Where was the other paradigm? I knew I had to learn how this could happen and how to do this for others. In the looking I found it looking for me, yes, calling me. I have learned to obey the call (no matter what the cost, which is sometimes high indeed). This was 1989, and in 1993 I found myself living in Hawaii. Here was a culture which knows something about all this. I immersed myself in the ancient teachings of a culture which knows, knows about how this happens, about simultaneous worlds, and does not deny the unusual, yet cloaks it from uninitiated view. Just living there is Initiation with a capital I, because you do not learn in the way you wish to or expect to, and that can come as a shock.

The first time I was exposed to an ancient wisdom tradition in practice, my mental thinking paradigm was turned upside down. At the time, I was living in the wilderness for what was to be five years, with no bathroom. I washed dishes in the rain. My teachers were the spirits of Nature. Unknown to me at the time I was in training, actively living out my apprenticeship! The trees spoke to me, taught me how to heal, and how to chant. They taught me how to listen within, and how to know without knowing how.

When I joined a Hula Halau, (traditional school of spiritual studies and sacred dance) on the very first day, I was shaken to my core. The teacher said: "I want you to learn just by hearing, listening, memorizing, so get rid of your note-taking and recorders". That day, as always -- being a lifelong avid intellectual student and researcher -- I was well equipped for the gathering of knowledge with notebooks and tape recorders all ready to go. The shock of hearing they were to be taken away threw me totally. "No, no, no!" came an indignant shrieking from within, "Don't do this to me, this is how I learn!" This was deep; it felt like my very identity was being threatened, like the rug was being pulled out from under me. Actually, it was even worse, it was like, I imagine, an experience of drug withdrawal for the addict! I concluded that our culturally-learned intellectual mind's way of amassing and accumulating knowledge was the ego's way of mustering more control.

As time passed an inner knowing showed up more in my awareness, along with a voice that said, "You see, the ancient knowledge is never lost". Around this time I was also hearing an inner voice saying, "Elandra, give up your need to know! Let your hands lead the way!" as I was giving healing sessions in Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian bodywork healing).

Hawaiian chant joined my East Indian chant training to become a natural part of my life, and opened the door to channeling a healing wisdom not consciously learned. It was the sounds, the cadence, the deeper encoded meanings (called kaona) which created a doorway to healing magic and much more. As a result, the work was gaining in mana (power) to the extent that one day a client's cancer was healed instantly. I had my hands on the abdomen of a man dying of cancer (cancer for four years in liver, kidneys, intestines, spleen, and bladder). The powerful chanting of Antion's CD "One in the Goddess." which holds a frequency for healing, filled the room. Extra energy was pouring through my hands. This man was declared by all medical tests totally free of cancer two weeks later.

One day Antion (my husband of thirty-five years, a former British rock star turned Hawaiian musician/chanter) received a phone call from the Hawaiian Chairwoman of the Republican Party of Hawaii. She said "I have had a dream. I saw the two of you leading the opening ceremonies, chant and pule (prayers) for the Kauai welcoming inauguration of the new Governor. When I told my husband about my dream, he said, "No way, you must be crazy! You know that only a kahuna (priest, wisdom keeper) of traditional rank and stature may perform this ceremony, not haoles, blonde foreigners!" Well, I said, I had the dream again, and I know what that means. It means it will happen. So. . .will you do it?"

Thus it happened as in her dream; the roomful of hundreds of business leaders stood as if paralyzed in a long stunned silence.

This Hawaiian politician/medicine woman had the courage to listen to her dream and to break protocol, in order to reach for the new paradigm of valuing the Unseen world. What we call "indigenous mind" or "holographic mind" holds a balance of heart as natural master, and 'head' acting happily as servant.

This form of knowing is more than knowledge, for it is not accessed through the mind's intellect. We don't say "knowledge keepers," we say "wisdom keepers." The true teaching in the oral traditions is not of intellectual information. It is rather a transmission, and through something other than the brain. There is a way of imparting knowledge so that knowledge becomes inner knowing, an experience of authentic embodied wisdom, which holds roots in ancient truth.

Our Western civilization healing model of allopathic medicine as health maintenance is a woeful failure and a farce. Recent reports confirm that drugs and surgery are the leading cause of death in USA. Our population is drugged by pharmaceuticals, TV violence and the craving for more and more.

Authoritarian control, which once held societies together, is a key factor in our planetary moral disintegration. We have been taken in by a lethal hoax upon this planet: that the authority of brain/head/rational mind is superior to and more valuable than Heart, body, instinct, intuition. This biased conditioning has caused mistrust, duality, and inner warring in the psyche of humanity. In these critical times of massive global environmental toxicity and the end of civilization's one hundred year splurge of cheap oil, which has spawned an "accumulation consciousness" of endless suburbs filled with stuff (recent research shows this does not bring happiness), we are faced with unprecedented challenge.

We need to recover the valuing and honoring of Spirit in body, the subconscious, and the Earth. I believe the ancients left within the oral traditions encoded messages with specific application for our present times, which are indispensable for the planet's survival at this time. Aloha means "to face into" what is needed. Aloha means living fully in the present, "the joyful sharing of life energy in the present." Healing is needed, and Healing means evolving consciousness. Lomi Chi Holographic Healing was developed in answer to the needs of the times. It was created as a retraining of consciousness into honoring body, subconscious, and Spirit equally, to reveal and heal the original causes of your symptomology.

The body has its own self healing system. It knows how to hold you in pono (Hawaiian for right balance and harmony). It knows. We want to uncover its Knowing. Thus we prune off, like in pruning a tree, that which thinks and believes it does not know! The tree knows how it wants to be pruned, and directs the gardener from within. Your body knows how it needs pruning, and directs the healer from within. Thus the real you is being uncovered.

In the honoring and welcoming of that which is, the presenting symptomology is healed at its origins. Then the realities/paradigms start to give way to one another. This is called "changing state space," a resurrection into the new. You are Home, and in the presence of "at home-ness" in your body, that which is out of balance drops away. That is the secret of the inner experience and teachings of Aloha, which call to be spread far and wide for healing our planet in crisis.

After 12 years of living in Hawaii, on Kauai, one day I noticed a difference in my consciousness. I was being interviewed on the radio live and suddenly I was no longer afraid of what might come out of my mouth; I did not care what anybody might say or do in reaction. I found myself teaching Hawaiian chanting. I used to fear "Who am I -- a blonde Scandinavian-New Zealander-European-Californian haole (outsider, foreigner) -- to do that? Now, I simply had to do what I was doing, say what I was saying, in that moment nothing else mattered. . .

Akhahai e na Hawaii
Lokahi a ku like
Olu'olu ka mana'o
Ha'aha'a a o kou kulana
Ahonui a lanakila, Aloha e

This chant spells Aloha, meaning, "living as one, in peace, harmony, humility". It was written by Pilahi Paki, Kahuna, who spoke the prophetic words written at the top of this article before she passed on.

Elandra and Antion Meredith are healers, spiritual teachers, ministers, counselors, and yogis, with thirty-five years (married) experience in the Healing field as international leaders of Healing Trainings, Sound Healing, Chanting, Yoga and Spiritual Retreats.
Elandra, CMT, LMT, BA, author, healer, medical intuitive, is founder and international teacher of Lomi Chi Holographic Healing Training, Holographic Fifth Chakra Healing and Goddess Embodies Retreats.
Antion, former rock star, multicultural musician, world-class guitarist, singer, recording artist, Sound Healer, Naad/Japaa/Mantra Yogi, Hawaiian Chanter, Ragi of sacred Sikh Gurbani Kirtan, is an international teacher of Sound Healing and co-founder of Holographic Fifth Chakra Healing.

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