Living Love Kundalini Yoga (LLKY) is a practical body of yogic knowledge that works to create a life of super health and consciousness through effective fast acting combinations of moving postures with powerful breath, eye and hand focus. It heals physical challenges as well as disempowerment issues and allows you to develop the energy and powers (no matter what your age and circumstances) to joyously:

  1. navigate the Seen and Unseen worlds…using daily disciplined practice
  2. choose consciously to live naturally, healthily, authentically, honestly and happily
  3. live your life guided by heart instead of head
  4. increase awareness of your body’s stresses enabling deeper  relaxation
  5. move energy to bring systems and organs back to natural balance, homeostasis
  6. clear and heal physical and mental challenges through movement of chi and prana
  7. bring  your “bodies”( etheric,mental, emotional)into effective communication with each other
  8. befriend the Unseen worlds, experience multidimensional realities and miracles
  9. strengthen your immune system, aura and electromagnetic field to prevent illness, accidents
  10. develop the discipline and ability to recognize and instantly release/forgive everything
  11. learn to welcome all feelings  in your body…emotional literacy heals  addictions
  12. communicate with nature, and your own body, listen and hear its messages
  13. tune into the truth of things…inner energies and outer energies
  14. develop your healing powers… for the benefit of others
  15. understand your life’s destiny… and immortality for ageless living
  16. create, hold and value sacred space in your world
  17. raise your Kundalini energy into Divine Unity…marry heaven and earth within
  18. feel spiritual soul family, live inloving communion, interdependent and  self-sovereign
  19. commit  to Love in the face of all things, for world peace and valuing Return of the Feminine
  20. know, really KNOW,that You, Nature, Life, Love,  God, Goddess,and All That Is are ONE
Love you all, Elandra and Antion