From Stardom to Wisdom, is FREE FOR 5 DAYS!

“Watching her own body miraculously heal enables her to embrace the immense power and consciousness of Hawaiian Aloha, leading her to her true vocation as a shamanic miracle-making healer and teacher, and together with longtime husband Antion, to an international lifestyle of sharing sacred consciousness through concerts, workshops and retreats.”

“she weaves a tale that moves through dimensions. She moves beyond Aristotle’s prevailing view of materialism to a worldview that sees auras, energetically heals the human body, and converses with the trees” – Amazon Review

Greetings worldwide Ohana,
My book, From Stardom to Wisdom, Healing and Love beyond the Spotlight is FREE FOR 5 DAYS!
It has been expanded to 20 chapters and can be downloaded into your computer for free, Friday 13th to 17th September.
It has great reviews, includes lots of photos, adventures and quotes relevant to your own “hero’s journey”. The printed book will be ready soon.
Our time is nearly up here on Kaua’i, ah, many sentimental memories of our years here! We are inspired to present a few last minute workshops, which include Antion’s music and meditation:
I love Kawai Purapura, our spiritual “home” for teaching in NZ, we’ll be back there on 25th September, and start again in October, and in summer at the Yoga Festival and Voices of Sacred Earth.
You are all invited to come to NZ! I love Kawai Purapura Retreat Center, run by sisters Jenny and Dyana; it’s our spiritual “home” for teaching in NZ, and we’ll be back there on 25th September, ready to start Living Love Kundalini Yoga in October. The big festivals are in high summer, February – April; the Voices of Sacred Earth February 22-23, the Yoga Conference & Festival in April, see
We will be keynote speakers and teachers at conferences in Tao Garden in December -January, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. You are all invited to join us there too!
Waves of Aloha blessings,
Love you!
PS.  Just in case you want to read more, from the back cover of print book to come:
From Stardom to Wisdom: Healing and Love Beyond the Spotlight Vol 1
Elandra Kirsten Meredith had the world at her feet. The gorgeous model, movie actress and Hammer vampire enjoyed fame, beauty and a jet setting lifestyle in the swinging London of the 60s. Falling in love with a rock star-turned-yoga teacher she abandoned celebrity in favor of Yoga Ashram eco-living during the 70s spiritual revolution sweeping California. Watching her own body miraculously heal with the immense power and consciousness of Hawaiian Aloha catalyzed her true vocation as healer teacher, and led her to presenting her own work Lomi Chi Holographic Healing trainings internationally.
 “Readers familiar with Quantum Physics will appreciate Elandra’s boundless, powerful and playful experiences of moving through dimensions, seeing auras, conversing with trees and energetically miraculously transforming the human body.” – T.S, Attorney, FL
 “An awesome next step in my own health and healing research, writing and personal evolution”. – Jo Ann Lordahl, Author, HI
“Amazing transformations with fun insightful messages and quotes woven throughout; traces important moments in the consciousness of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s to now”. – Rich Wonder, Author, HI
 “The ultimate love story – 41 years! Celebrity-turned-yogi, incredible storyteller Elandra, demonstrates that holographic consciousness is the key to miracle healing. ” – Lauren Orlina, NZ
 “Her intriguing, inspiring life dedicated to personal and planetary awakening, reveals a mighty and love-filled soul; contact Elandra to transform your life!” – M.M, Spiritual Healer, NY
Elandra & Antion Meredith share their insights on creating miracle healing, super consciousness and lasting relationship through worldwide workshops, retreats and online trainings. In raising consciousness through Healing, Yoga, Music Concerts, Sacred Sound, Chant, Sacred Voice and Storytelling, their vision is of co-creating a joyous New Earth.
Visit, email and call 206 701 6609 Skype international.
In Joy,

“she weaves a tale that moves through dimensions. She moves beyond Aristotle’s prevailing view of materialism to a worldview that sees auras, energetically heals the human body, and converses with the trees” – Amazon Review

Thank you, mahalo, to all those who have bought my new book published on Amazon. You will like it, there is something for everyone there, stories, quotes and reflections on past and present times. And reviews are coming.

If you don’t have a kindle, you can easily read it on your computer. Click here to download the free software for reading my book and any other Kindle books on your PC. It’s an easy download straight from Amazon.

Take a look at the book on Amazon

After you’ve read the book, please post your review on Amazon. I would love to hear what you think.

Aloha Love and Blessings,

In Joy and Service,


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  1. Wandalea says:

    Hi Elandra…I spent all day yesterday reading your book–could not stop until I was done. Having a boatload of synchronicities around it. After so many decades of expecting the new world to manifest & getting burned out & discouraged, I had hunkered down into creating joy in my private world. Now I’m feeling that we are on the verge of the transformation. I’m going thru an “identity” change, doing dream-work again suddenly, not sure what I’m changing into though. This book is a tool. Last night when I lay down, I started experiencing what might be the holographic perception. I was playing with it, trying to fine-tune it–kind of hard to hold both at the same time. I can’t begin to tell you how much this is helping me at this time. I’ll be getting the book in print & also your next books. Mahalo, Aloha from Kauai, Wandalea

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